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Hiroszyma - Disastermuetze 390x280
Curtain - I can't say no
Schrödinger - Morningstar
Dancing Plague - Shadow Self
David Galas - You're A Needle In My Arm
Blind Dreams - Cold Like Snow
Larsovitch - Beton arme
My Manifesto - The Healing
Sydney Valette feat. Bernard - The Healer
Echoberyl - Through the Chaos
OPTIC - Dead for Real
R.U.I.N. feat. Alex Braun - Electric Flag
Solar Fake- This generation ends
JanRevolution - Chasing Through The Night
Scintilla Anima - Kind of Monster
MDMC - Time's Up
Digital Crash - Das Frauending
MATT HART - Black Abyss
Black Selket - Bruder
Stuka 696 - done with you
Vol A.D. - Technogenesis
TraKKtor - Ctrl Alt RagnaröKK
Funker Vogt - Death Seed
[:SITD:] - Brieselang
The Anix feat. Julien-K - Crawl
Draven feat. The Static Architect - Not Your Kind
Pain - Go With The Flow
dArtagnan - Ruf der Freiheit
Haggefugg - Spieglein
Stahlmann - Luxusuniform
Chelsea Wolfe - House Of Self-Undoing
Creeper - Lovers Led Astray
Then Comes Silence - Ride or Die
John Ven - You And Me
Vadot - Hand In Hand
Shosta - Gold
Agency-V - We Can Erase You
Living Temples - Lamb Among Wolves
DOVIAK - The Courtyard
IMJUDAS - Go away
Metamorph - Veridia (GRENDEL Remix)
Frecuencias Ocultas - Nuestro Tick Tock
The Siids - Grace Of Nights
Conscience- Lies like your life
Platronic - Calling (Mitten In Der Nacht)
ACTORS - In Real Life
Mavor feat. Storm Of Anger - Sehnsucht
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