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Depeche Mode - Strippednetti 390x280
Faderhead - Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)
Eisfabrik - Over and Done
Blutengel - Grey City
Devil Machine - I am Lost
Ductape - Veil of Lies
Estetica Noir - Burnout
Dechakhal - Try
camlannmusic - Midnight Euphoria (Echoberyl Remix)
Dead Astronauts - Murder Hotel
Zack Zack Zack - Oluler Susar (Emmon Remix)
Voix in the Dark - Dying to Live
Nox Novacula - Drug (Bitter Pill)
Isaac Howlett - House of Card
can7say - Dust (Hunting High and Low)
BlakLight - Blind Vision
Excubitors - Proud Leaders
Alien Skin - Hello Mother Hello Father I'm Dead
MoonPhobia - Lost in the Darkness
Gallows Eve - Lullaby
aeon sable - From Witchcraft to Deviltry
Angels of Liberty - Gears of the Atom Man
Anders Manga - Phantom
evo-lution - Stein auf Stein (Stahlklang Version)
MENSCHDEFEKT - Giana Sisters
Brigade Enzephalon - Ich sehe das
Joachim Witt feat Alex Wesselsky - Signale (Brett Version)
Nachtfalter - Feuer
Lorelei Dreaming - To leave this Heaven
Die Sexual - Need to Sin
MONO INC. - Cemetary of Hearts
Rebel Empire - You don't Feel
Sydney Valette - I want to Know
Culture Kultür - Toxic Pulse
FrozenPlasma - Irony (Radio Edit)
Funker Vogt - A Hundred Ways to Die
THIRD REALM - Whispers of Heavenly Sorrow
Ruined Conflict feat. Simon Carter - Let Music live Forever
VNV Nation - Space and Time
Kirlian Camera (official) - C.R.U.D. (Corpse Recovery Unit D)
Indigovox - Nothing left on me
Feyleux - Still of Summer
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