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ALPHABLOCK - Elysiumstormi 390x280
Sick Jokes - This Is The Beginning (Stabbing Westward Remix)
Midnight Midnight - Skin
DATA & Lizeth Lezama - Nebulosas (Remix)
Gasoline Invertebrate - Scarlet Slip (iVardensphere Remix)
ODorian - High On Love
Sedona Port feat. Jamie Wiltshire - I Can Do Anything
Still Patient? feat. Minu-Schirin Samimi - Blind Vision
Black Needle Noise feat. Attasalina - Machine (Stabbing Westward Remix)
Unify Separate - City of Light
Mental Discipline feat. Tess - Give Me A Memory
Essence Of Mind - Puppets
Hell Boulevard - She Just Wanna Dance
Kite - Don't Take The Light Away
Totentanz Strumpfsockig - Totentanz Strumpfsockig
Octavian Winters - Undertow
Antilav - Berlin
Monody - A Safe Place
thewalkingicon - We Are Memory
spektralized - Run and Hide
Faderhead feat. Electra Black - Burn All Night
Neuroticfish - Rival
Encephalon - Crippled
Chem - Pad Ziamloj
POC - Work My Body
LA-X - Tristeza
Mortemia feat. Linda Toni Grahn - Forever and Beyond
Pirate Queen - Pirates From The Sea
LAMORI - Ave Valkyria
Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 - The Astral Cold
Technomancer - Wind (Blizzard Edit)
SUPERCRAFT - Without A Doubt
Mark Velvet - Everyday Hero
Train To Spain - Nothing To Win
Stillste Stund - Grins, Barbée, grins! (Pastellfarben sind auch keine Lösung)
Fezter - Guilty Pleasure Robotica
In Absentia - Wrath
TOAL - The New World
MYRATH - Heroes
Till Lindemann - Entre dos tierras
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