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Ductape - Anafor
Nattskiftet - Aceton
Twin Tribes - Sangre de Oro
Modular Passion - Frekvens
Crush of Souls - The Gift
Dancing Plague - Fading Forms
Alpha Sect - Shadow
They Die - Our Blood (Clubbing Mix)
Dunkelwald - Inerte (Videotraum Remix)
Extize feat. Omnimar - Save me tonight
AGONOIZE - New World Disorder (Hörerwunsch)
Fragmentation (Marco Wanke) - Angel in Disguise
Hocico Official - Dog eat Dog (Desputes Remix)
Symphony of Sweden - Show me Love
Frail - Thelma & Louise
Deeper You - Baby Blue
Cryonic Temple - End of Days
Beast In Black - Highway to Mars
AEON GODS - The Beginning
Die Sexual - Fate awaits (Maduro Remix)
MATT HART - Outlaws (Antibody Remix)
Chainreactor - Destroyer of World
Skelesys - Wild World
Poison Point - Mysteries in Fire
The Spiryt page - Naja Dance (sung by hervé trepant)
Last Tourist - Black Raven (always lost)
Red Mecca - It's what's keeping me alive
Walk With Anything - Gothic Princess
Blacklist - The Witching Hour
tAKiDA - The other Side
Amore Ad Lunam - Lost again
Prometheus Burning - We R the God
Caput Medusae - Romantic Nightmare
Sturtzfrequenz - Keine Lösung
WISBORG - Mit dir allein
Uncreated - Not your Soldier (Machinista Remix)
WHITE NOISE TV - Deep Water (Hasbro Remix by Sanne Bo)
ZERO CORPORATION - London Rain (Upbeat in the Storm Remix)
Gold Lyon - Thank you (very much)
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