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Kill Shelter & Antipole - Nine While Nine
Burn - enolA-Alone
Cuffed - Possessed
Of What Remains - Torn Apart
Staatseinde - Grauw
SIIE - 5eme Avenue
Noromakina - Creep
Fra(g)mentation - Psychosis
Darkness on Demand - Ban of Truth
Darkways - Inexistence
Unplaces - What's Reality
VERSUS - Revolution
The Mobile Homes - The Last Third
Male Tears - Belladonna (Vandal Moon Remix)
Sea Shapes - Fate
Ritual Howls - Goodnight Reason
Disjecta Membra - Death by Discothèque (Sine Division Mix)
The Moons Of Jupiter - Ghosts (Ganymede Remix)
ABU NEIN - I'am Emptiness (Tobias Bernstrup "Official" Remix)
Nox Novacula & Profit Prison - Moment of Pleasure
Espermachine - Heavy Modulation
Probe 7 feat. Ludovico Technique - Pain' it Black (Fiction 8 Mix)
Uncreated - Find your Way
THIRD REALM - Pleassure & Movies
airman - Geheimer Service (Superikone Remix)
Stendal Blast - Fährmann
Lights of Euphoria - Fortuneteller
GRIP - Szamolj!
Dark Line Spectrum - Killing Game
Pouppée Fabrikk - Only Control
UnterArt - Now or Never
Terminal Choice - Totes Fleisch (Tagesversion)
can7say - Why
Breathe Of My Leaves - Perfect Defeat
Xandria - Sisters of the Light (Remixed by Jesus On Extasy)
KMFDM - Come On - Go Off (Rotersand Remix)
Ego Likeness - Inferno (Hotter Than Hell Mix)
Positronic - Beat of Love
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