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PROJECT FALLING - Don't look into your Eyesnetti 390x280
12 ILLUSIONS - New (Remix by 12 Illusions)
Nox Novacula & Profit Prison - Moment of Pleasure
Alien Skin - Crepe Goth Goddess
Corben Edward - Shadowplay (Joy Division Cover)
Das Kelzer - Light Gray
Disjecta Membra - Death by Discothèque (Sine Division Mix)
Zeropolis - Your Life
airman - Secret Service (Black Cloaked Version) (Musikwunsch)
Missing in STARS - It's Time to go
digital ENERGY - Deceptor (Elektrostaub Remix)
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
APRYL - Rothäppchen
Stahlmann - Nackt
Werksfront - Bomberpilot
Human 80 - Menschlicher Zorn
CEPHALGY- Official - Elektroseele
Wolfsheim - The Sparrows and the Nightingales
MONO INC. - Voices of Doom
OOMPH! - Nur ein Mensch
Schwarzer Engel - Ritt der Toten
Schwarzblut - Der schwere Abend (Psy'Aviah Mix)
Zauber - Schweigen und Angst
Oliver Decrow - I close my Eyes
hausfrau - Flesh of my Flesh
Echoberyl - Fading Away
Terminal Serious feat. Ductape - Nobody Sees Us
Dominum - Patient Zero
Serenity feat. Roy Khan - The Fall of Man
Tassel - Body Shell
MATT HART - I am Overlord
Alien Vampires - You wish me Dead get in Line
TC75 - Dating a dead Man (Mildreda Mix)
The Frixion - Collapse in Slow Motion (Tipsy Eyes Remix)
Ghost Signals - Kill the North
LEATHERS - Runaway
Covenant (OFFICIAL) - Dies Irae (electronic)
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