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Die Selektion - Was übrig bleibtmuetze 390x280
We Own the Night - Suspiriorum (The Mother)
Fall Shock - Hiding In A Glass
Mindreader - The Kill
Draining Kiss - Fade into the Dark
Fra(g)mentation & Ana Oaks - Secret (Anniversary Edition)
Noemi Aurora - Blood As Lipstick
Miss Trezz - Confrontational
Absurd Minds - Gravitas
Thy Seven Synth - Running Away
Kris Baha & Ghosts in the Machine - Mvtational
Signal Aout 42 - We walk like Zombies
Bagger 258 - Muskeln und Maschinen
Studio-X - Cause Of Pain
RottN - Hatesong
TraKKtor - The Narcissizt
Formato Negativo - Radioactivo
Any Second - Mindfucked
Aesthetic Perfection - Meat & Bones
Death X Destiny - Defiance
Manntra - Domain
Bülent Ceylan - Ich liebe Menschen
Stahlmann - Faust zum Himmel
Saltatio Mortis & Mia Julia - Heute Nacht
Wolfsstunde - Schlaflos
Nathanael - Schattentanz
Morphose feat. Sven Friedrich - Disappointing
Sun's Spectrum - God Is a Machine
Days of Sorrow & Tilly Electronics - Electric Passion (Version de Days of Sorrow)
Burn - Locust
Ductape - Red Scar
Emily Kinski‘s dead - If We Were Young Again
Thin Eater - A Lake Reflecting the Stars
Dead Cool - Faith or Misery
Bootblacks - Forbidden Flames
A Charming Defense - Anniversary
ater feat. TraKKtor - Love Enough
unitcode:machine - Nothing Left
Eisfabrik - Götter in Weiss
Alex Braun (!distain) - Traumfaenger
Endanger feat. Kiara M.E. - Der letzte Tanz
Outsized feat. Project Caretaker - Running
Split Vision - In My Zone
Johnathan|Christian - Résistance, Mon Amie