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Dogtablet - Back to the Black
CØLDSTAR - I Won't Follow You
Rotoskop - You & Me (Rotersand Rework)
Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 - Marauders From Earth
Der Prosector - Staring Down Death
Cemented Minds - A Hooded Witness
NFD - Surrender To My Will (No Mercy Version)
Morphose feat. Sven Friedrich - All Comes Back To You
Primo Haggai - Sleepwalker
Rogues - Free from Your Love
Grey Gallows band - In Eternity
Vidéo L'Eclipse - Almost There
Agent Side Grinder - Alisin Sane No.2 (Adsol Remix)
Mavroskeleto - In the Dark I'd like to stay
Mental Exile The Valley of the Fallen (Index Code Remix)
Anders Manga - Welcome to Darkness
Zauber - Gottes Strafe
Symphonic Noise Cult - My Figment (Single Edit)
Future Trail - Whisper my Message (Ruined Conflict Remix)
MOON.74 - We are (People Theatre's Living Mix)
VNV Nation - Sentinal
Faderhead feat. The Delta Mode - Cables & Pain
Eozdis - I don't feel
Mind Machine - Pry your Eyes (Single Mix)
CHVRCHES feat. Robert Smith - How not to Drown
London Sadness - One last Time
ITCN - 1980 80's are Dead
Wolfsheim - Once in a Lifetime
All Systems Out - No Reason
Kim Lunner feat. Iselin Main Grønvold - The only Way (Full Length Version)
Spray - The Big Idea (Remix)
ADACTA - Dance
Unsoulicited - Autumn Clouds
Elysion - Raid the Universe
Morgenstern Music - Betonfresser
Dance My Darling - Gang Bang (ATOW Remix)
TÖT - Wanderer
Tanzwut feat. MORAN MAGAL - Bis zum Meer
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