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IAMX - The X IDmuetze 390x280
Emily Kinski‘s dead - Dance The Pain Away
Creux Lies - Misunderstanding (Ash Code Remix)
Red Mecca - Eyes on Mars
Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 - Marauders From Earth
NEUROKLAST - Chrome Monk (Album Mix)
Sven Phalanx & MissSuicide feat. Miss Kitty - Smell Of Pain (Reloaded)
MissSuicide feat. Bow Ever Down 0fficial - Out Of Order
J:dead - Surrendering (Faderhead Remix)
Alex Braun (!distain - Official Facebook page) - Algorithm
Rotoskop - You & Me (Rotersand Rework)
Angry Pete - Run Away with Me
Irrlicht - Sternentaucher (CEPHALGY- Official Remix)
Alchemists of Mu - Zeichen (Licht-Mix)
Morphose feat. Sven Friedrich - All Comes Back To You
Feuerschwanz - Berzerkermode
ASP - Ich, der Teufel und du
Lord of the Lost - Cha Cha Cha (Käärijä Cover)
Deathstars - Anti All
Erdling - Und die Erde singt
Garbage - Cities in Dust
Girls Under Glass feat. Thomas Lüdke (The Invincible Spirit) - Dream Yourself Away
Blind Delon feat. Curses - La Mort
Slow Danse With The Dead - We Belong Dead
Grey Gallows band - In Eternity
Rogues - Free from Your Love
CODE 150 - Dancer in the Dark
Plastic Autumn (official) - Tanz durch deine Hölle
Decent Ruins - Downwards
Strange Tales - Call Out
GAARN - Magellan
The Seven Whores Of The Apocalypse - Luddite Moan
Centhron - Slutbutt
Panic Lift - Taken (Radio Edit)
Machinista - Stranger
IronField - Dwelling In Darkness
Seelennacht - Winternight
Eric Vain - Within the Inside Of
VNV Nation - Run
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