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Final Selection - Beyond my Dreamsstormi 390x280
Beautiful Crisis - Deep (7" Single Mix)
Train To Spain - Prisoner
Bow Ever Down 0fficial - Life is Fiction
okihateyou - Wie ich
Detox Twins - Autofahrer
Maquinaria Mecánica - Somos Unidad, Somos EBM
WARTERAUM - Freudian Slip
Susurration - Call me Dead
Toxikk Deception - Castaway
Beborn Beton - Last Chance
SCHEUBER - Cosmic Voids
CattaC - Hellea Calling
UNIVERSUM25 - Horizont in Flammen
Xandria - Two Worlds
Alien Skin - Cleopatra ( I don't love you)
Stellarys - Es geht voran
Black.Virus - Engel
Engraved Garden - I never wanted to hurt you
All Systems Out - The System
Transponder feat. Leaether Strip - All you need is EBM
ES23 - When I'm gone (Bossbattle Remix)
THIRD REALM - Gazing at the Stars
VOSH - Pray
Stars Crusaders - Ishtar (Faderhead Remix)
Chinese Theatre - Unlovable
Lakeside X - Fascination
Jhonny Box - Anthracite
LorD and Master - Take it out on the Dancefloor
nolongerhuman - Therapy
Acylum - Gulag-Kalashnikov ( Miseria Ultima Remix)
Lucifer's Aid - Into the Void
Leaether Strip - Puppets
Synapsyche - God in Vitro
Delain feat. Paolo Ribaldini - Queen of Shadow
Subway to Sally - Ihr kriegt uns nie
Roque FX and Toxic Drive - Domino
for all the emptiness - Sell the Sins
Monospore - Fail
spankthenun - Fuck the Apocalypse (Sebastian Komor Remix)
Brigade Enzephalon - Superhelden (Ruined Conflict Remix)
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