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Floating Ashes feat. FX Return - Nevermindnetti 390x280
Agonised Too - Beautiful
Lifelong Corporation - A Room with a View of the Past
Antivote - Dark Lost Place
Cerulean Veins - Love won't save us now
The Beauty of Gemina - One Step to Heaven (Rework)
The paper road - If you should Fall
Trumari - Veteran
Kurschatten - Still leben
Boxes of Blow - Feelings
SABLE NOIR. - Jane Doe
Plague Pits - Velvet Glove
Dark Narrows - My last Party
Fatal Casualties & Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire Official) - I keep Falling
SCHMERZ - Silencio Entre Nosotros
Male Tears - I Expire
Crisis Actor - Superstar
DEAD LIGHTS - Deleted Scenes
GHOST COP - A Shot in the Dark
Acylum - Tears of Blood (Elektrostaub Remix)
SynthAttack - No God
INTENT:OUTTAKE - Tabula Rasa ( VDOC Remix)
Wølfchild - Kein Morgen
Cruxshadows - Birthday
Sturm Café - Des Kaisers neue Kleider
Strikkland - Herren der Wut
Das Fortleben (offiziell) - Spiegel der Gesellschaft
Devil-M - Zeitgeist (Centhron Remix)
Lord Of The Lost - Blood & Glitter (Faderhead Remix)
Delta Enigma - Bring me the End
Deeper You - Day One
Ocean Dark - Home
Daemon Grey - Gothy Love
VOSH - Bleed as One
unitcode:machine - Undone (Stabbing Westward Chris Hall Remix)
Robotiko Rejekto feat. Katja von Kassel - Love Machine
SOFT VEIN - Violentia
Uncreated feat. Richard Flow/ Machinista - Alive
Vogon Poetry - Visitors
Synthax Xtructure - The last Date
Ships In The Night - Sun One (Ultraviolet Mix)
Vadot - Kreuzfeuer
Megaherz - Gegen den Wind (Piano Version)
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