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Ontic & Joaquim Plossu - Madrigalmuetze 390x280
Grey Gallows band - Dying Light (ACTORS Remix)
Ringfinger - Chamber Of Roses (Joey Chaos Remix)
PART2 - When the Dark Nights Comes Around
Night Gauge - Night Terror
Girls Under Glass - Tanz im Neonlicht
Other Voices - Old Dogs
Die Selektion - Zeuge aus Licht
Zack Zack Zack - Die Deutsche Bahn
Sturm Café - Pathologische Altruisten
FHTH - This Is My Land
DEAD LIGHTS - I Am Electric
Ferrets Killed My Cables - Sickvencer
Mauve Angeles - In the Acid Rain
Violet Silhouette - Strange Wind
Creux Lies - I Wish I Was You (Twin Tribes Remix)
Magnetic Skies - Suffocate
Julien-K - Your Tears Mean Nothing
A Life Divided feat. TAG MY HEART - Tear Down the Walls
MAERZFELD - Ich bin der Tod
Morgenstern Music - Zeitgeist
Silenzer - Out of the Dark
This Eternal Decay - Love+Curse
Opaque Shades - If Only For A Moment
Hallowed Hearts - Open your Eyes
Graphix - Die Neue Gotik
Menthüll - And we Die
KUNT - Jericho Stand
Demons Need Angels - Little Lies
Alien Skin - Love Me To Death
Arise-X - Wo Götter sterben
Welle:Erdball (official) - Vergessen & Vorbei
Séance - Follow The Leader
Kim Lunner - Nothing to Hide
Cold in May - Don't Go Away (Purple Fog Side Remix)
Odonis Odonis feat. ACTORS - No One Left
Joachim Witt - Schwör mir