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Ritual Howls - A Forestmuetze 390x280
Menthüll - Tes Ailes
Comiti - Queen of Silver
LEATHERS - Highrise
Modesty Beast - Pearls and Swines
Radiohimlen - Törnfågeln
DSTR feat. Lennart A. Salomon - Bad Kingdom
J:dead - Afraid
Plastikstrom - Eskalation
Klack - Frequency
General Dynamics - Interrogation Sequence
Brigade Enzephalon - Ohne Dich
TENSION CONTROL vs. Symptom Eskalation - Alle wollen Geld
Ton:Fehler - Tanzen (Nacht Mix)
Sea of Sin - Don't Let Go
Ladytron - Faces
FRTG13 - Collision
Suburban Spell - The Lonely Man (William Faith Remix)
Hevanx - Skinwalker
Night Hexe - New Dawn
A Cloud of Ravens - Requiem for the Sun
Memoria - From The Bones of The Dead
Nina Belief - Fanpage - The Last Time
Zanias - Simulation
Promenade Cinema - On Video
SANG FROID - Heavy Sleep Heavy Heart (SyStr Remix)
Jhonny Box - Mannequin
Deathstars - This Is
Secret Discovery feat. CREMATORY - Nimm Mich Mit
MAERZFELD - Wach auf
The Dark - Where's Your God
Pyrroline feat. TC75 - Relentless
The Juggernauts - Fear V2K18 (12” Mix)
My Love Kills - Dehumanization
Hex Formes - Blue Monday
SilverScene - Heart
Cred - Bleed
diarblack_official - Drift Away
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