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Cold Choir - Runawaynetti 390x280
Mildreda - Mirror View
Beast In Black - Moonlight Rendezvous
DREAM STATE - Anxious State of Mind
Air Midnight - Midnight Air
Huir - Vital
Caress - Our Afterlife
Nightsister - Kiss me until my Lips fall off (Lebanon Hanover)
Teledeath - Let me in
Angels & Agony - Heart & Soul
Eisfabrik - All my Life
Beyond Border feat. N-Frequency - Modern Love
Channel-East - Who you are (Trancemix by Re​:​\​Legion)
Dero Goi - Clickbait (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)
Mondträume - Pictures of you (80's Remix by District 13)
Unity One - Lightseeker (Alpha Point Remix)
Elezoria - My Boat ([:SITD:] (Official) Remix)
Pending Position feat. KY - Lick my Legs (Ruined Conflict Version)
Projekt Ich feat. Madil Hardis - Dad (People Theatre Remix)
Neuroticfish - Echokammer
Underbrain - Damnation (Say Just Words Remix)
Fragmentation (Marco Wanke) - Heartless
The Change - Read your Mind (Fragmentation Remix)
THIRD REALM feat. Aoife O'Leary of (Moth Complex) - Sick Mind
JOHNNY HOLLOW - I am the Island (Alias One Remix)
SynthAttack - Do it with Rage (Teknovore Remix)
Venus In Aries - My dear Parasite
Lights of Euphoria - Euphoric Light
Funker Vogt - Schattenwelt
Megaherz - Freigeist
OOMPH! - Soll das Liebe sein
Stahlmann - Faust zum Himmel
Unzucht - Seelenblind (Death Valley High Remix)
Jesus Fix - Kill me Twice
Manntra - Blackmoon
Serenity - Lionheart
Triddana - When Horizons Blaze
Reaktor - Frohe Weihn8
STAHLSCHLAG - White Christmas
Vogon Poetry - When we were young (Xmas again) (Glenn Main Remix)
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