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Ian Leding - Heartbeats
WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW - Clouds without Water ( Lost in Desire Remix)
SPECTRA*paris (official) - Angry Bite (Project Pitchfork Remix)
Bootblacks - Parallel (Chris Vrenna Remix)
Arachnida - Official - Strange Sex Friend
Henric de la Cour - A Texas Dream
Winter - Pray (Single Edit)
Ex-Hyena - Capture the Stills
Grey Gallows band - Under the Grey Skies ( The Ending Nights Remix)
Re.Mind - Perfect Text
HEAVY HALO - Keep me alive (Moris Blak Remix)
Device Not Ready - Keine Frau (Radio Edit)
Pending Position - elektroLust (Ruined Conflict Remix)
Presence | Of | Mind - Lonely like me (Single Edit)
T.O.Y. - Strange Modern Art
Lovespells - Dark Rider (Parallel Universe Mix)
NØIR - Just Fascination ( We Are Temporary Remix)
SCALA - Rädd
Shelley's Lullaby - When the sky falls down
AGE ZERO - Perfect Tragedy
CALM T - Lullaby (The Cure Cover)
CattaC - My Stormy Moon
Stormi's Liste
They Die - Single Frame
CHVRCHES - Good Girls
Editors - Kiss
Fatigue - Saudade (The Way of Love)
Any Second - Scalpel
TENSION CONTROL feat. Michael Matters - Form folgt Funktion
Emmon - Machines
Miss FD - Menticide
Bloodinwater - Pure Devotion
Combichrist - Heads Off
Sataninchen - Krisensitzung
Pleasure Time - Maldito Corazon ( ADEONESIS Remix)
Symptom Eskalation - Schlaf mit dem Bösen
Lovers Lake - Starfall
Coppelius - Kryptoxenoarchäologie
Ǝ.N.D - Digital Life
Chinese Theatre - Colliding Stars
MAIN - I'm gonna let the Wind
Cold in May - Dress me into black
Night Terrors - The Red Room
Hämatom - Zeit zu gehen
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