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Promenade Cinema - Spellboundmuetze 390x280
NIGHT SINS - Violet Age
Marco Van Basten & The Castles - The Castles
Psychic Guilt - 4th Floor
Echoberyl - Rising from the Dead (Spooky Remix)
Davantage - Grey Roads (mesh Remix)
Miseria Ultima - Yet Shivering Profound
Reaktor - Losing Gravity
Reality's Despair - Kufsat Dibbuk
Beyond Border feat. Zoodrake - Struggling
Beyond Border feat. J:dead - Jump Into The Fire
Lisbon Noir - Soul Cleaning
Sin Cos Tan - Own the Night
M73 - Vampire
Propter Hoc - Daemonologie
Enzo Kreft - There Is No Tomorrow
Babes of Enola Grey - Freiheit Sicherheit (Curses Remix)
Damien Hearse - Hell
Buzz Kull - Dancing With Machines
Other Voices - After Midnight
Sexblood - Sleeping Angel
Gvllow - Die By Your Hand
Rare Kreature - Narrow Paths
NU:N - Resurrection: No Lazarus rising
6XT7 - Dead Bride
Psyche - Lost In The Nightmare
Deus Ex Lumina - Black Road
SKREN - Tunnel
Centhron - Caina
nolongerhuman - Insects Not Gods
FREAKY MIND feat. Croona - Where Is My Mind
Rohn-Lederman - It Hurts! (Remix by Stefan Netschio of Beborn Beton)
A Life Divided - Last Man Standing
Tanzwut - Lügner
Heidevolk - Klauwen Vooruit
Amulet - House of Black and White (GRENDEL Remix)
Mental Discipline feat. Beyond Border - Resistance
London After Midnight - Better Off Dead (Be My Guest)
Omnimar - Guilt
Traumatin - Nur zu weit
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