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A TRANSITION - Dark Ambitions and Bright Lightsnetti 390x280
Vexagon - Voyeur (Single)
Mercury Machine - Second Life
The Joke Jay - Caprice from Above
Sydney Valette - Safety Net
The Wake - Hammer Hall (Agent Side Grinder Remix)
Arsine Tibé feat. Sebastin and the Dream - Voyage Now ( Elektrostaub Mix)
Current One - Never go back
Whorticulture - Crucify
Beyond Border - You (Calectro Remix)
Synapsyche - Silvertongue ( feat. Aesthetic Perfection) (Hörerwunsch)
Dekad - Ta Vie
DIAF - Schwefl (feat. Death in Rome)
Future Lied To Us - Blue Light
Silent Runners - Wilderness (Crying Vessel Remix)
ULTRA SUNN - Distress
Fornicata - Innocent
Kurs - Dreadful
Uncreated - Is that what you want (FunkerVogt Remix)
Pending Position - Körper auf Körper ( Aircrash Bureau Remix)
Schwarzbund - Nummer Drei
Fusspils 11 - Sieben Tage lang
Fusspils 11 - Bambule im Kindergarten
Fusspils 11 - Das Modell
Das Leiden - Eisbär
BLUE ANT - Living on Video (Trans-X Cover)
Pending Position - Körper auf Körper (Original)
Front 242 - Body to Body (Hörerwunsch)
Cruxshadows - Home (Hörerwunsch)
Genetic Variation - I move in Reverse
NorderneySupport - Behavior (Hörerwunsch)
The Birthday Massacre - Last Goodbye
TOAL - Silence (Delerium Cover)
Omnimar - Wishing for Life
Mondträume - Something (Ruined Conflict Remix)
Reichsfeind - Wish there was a Drug
Solitary Experiments - Every Now and Then (Rework by Love+Revenge)
THIRD REALM - Reignite the Flame
ZyniC - Let us in
Wiegand - Floating away (Aftershow Mix)
Tragic Impulse - Space Force
STEREOSKOP - Sun is Bright
Teleskop - Violet Dawn