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Projekt Ich - Mein Lied vom Krieg (For Ukraine)stormi 390x280
Code 64 - The Void
William Denton Wilde - Paradise Lost on Leith
Fury Weekend - Save the Queen (feat. Scandroid)
Miss FD - As Above, So Below
Against I - The Other Half
MATT HART - To the Core
Disorder Faith - A Lovely Place (Dunkelsucht Remix)
Schandmaul - Knüppel aus dem Sack
BLACKBOOK - My Darkest Memory
My Love Kills - Back to Life
Empty Streets - Millions ( Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
Massive Ego - Fake Star
Conscience - No Fear
Purwien und Kowa - Bandit (12"Mix)
Nebelhaus - Слава Україні (Slawa Ukrajini)
All Systems Out - Don't Fall
Unsoulicited - Leave you by the Shore (Hörerwunsch)
Eric C. Powell Music - The Station
Zwe1händer - Der Kinderarzt
Zwe1händer - Schrei
Dead Lights - Doom Doom Trash
Division Dark - Bevor wir wieder Asche sind (feat. Megaherz Offiziell)
MoonSun - Slain by Silence
Vvmpyre - Offering (feat. Caitlin Stokes)
TourdeForce - The Calling
Kim Lunner - Take a look in the Morror
BlakLight - Paranoid (Rob Dust's Strange Remix)
evo-lution - Dunkle Zeiten
Ronnie Martin - From the Womb of the Morning.The Dew of your Youth will be Yours
Lakeside X - Rising
BlazerJacket - Get Out (feat. Dirty Bird13)
Suicide Queen - She Haunts you ( Stabbing Westward Remix)
Erdling - Frei wie der Wind (Hörerwunsch)
Herrschaft - Technosatan
13th Angel - Omens
Oberer Totpunkt - Die Krieger
FLEISCH - Kingdoms Crying
Full Contact69 - Infected Cerebral Trigger
Sündenrausch - Original Sin (feat. Chris Pohl)
The Gliding Faces - In the Dead of Night
Gasoline Invertebrate - Cracked Wax Battery
Lifelong Corporation - Running to Nowhere (Desperate Version)