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Reinhard Mey & Freunde - Nein, meine Söhne geb' ich nichtlighty 390x280
Versengold - Alte Männer
BlakLight - Waiting ( Solar Fake Remix)
BlakLight - Wicked Face
MAERZFELD - 100 auf 0
Accessory - She says it feels good
BLUE ANT - Ego Sum Nihil
CHROM - Murder Fantasies (Hörerwunsch)
Covered in Snow - Starlings ( Uncreated Remix)
Division Dark Blutengel - (They're All) Hypocrites
J:dead - Das OM3N
for all the emptiness - seduced by a disease ( Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)
Unsoulicited - Leave you by the Shore
Eisfabrik - Saving Shore
Waxteeth, We Are The Catalyst, Zardonic - Losing my Mind (Zardonic Remix)
HOLYGRAM - A Faction
Versengold - Hey Hanna
Versengold - Kopold im Kopp
Versengold - Augen auf und durch (Gib nicht auf)
Sea of Sin - What are you waitung for? ( mesh Remix)
Noise Unit - Body Aktiv
DARK-O-MATIC - Devotee
Lilith My Mother - Dance with Fire
Massive Ego - My Religion is Dark
Aesthetic Perfection - Rhythm + Control (feat. Jinxx & Nyxx) (Out of Control Mix)
MONO INC. - Love Lies
Nite The New Division - Life and Love (The New Division Remix)
All The Ashes - Stahl bricht Stein
Priest - A Signal in the Noise
!distain - Official Facebook page - Synthpopboy (A Modern Effigy Remix)
RROYCE - Over and Over
SYSTEM SYN - No Sky to Fall
Two Minds Collide feat. ASP - Blood Red Wine
Placebo - Happy Birthday in the Sky
Uncreated - Leaving Now VANGUARDfb Remix)
Volturian - The Killing Joke
VNV Nation - When is the Future