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Winter Severity Index - Cause And Effectmuetze 390x280
Mari Kattman - Is It Really That Bad
Menthüll - Au Revoir
Escape with Romeo - Somebody (Flowmotion Remix)
JE T'AIME - Give Me More Kohl
Holocoder - Space
Symptom Eskalation - Der neue Mensch (Futurepop Mix)
Symptom Eskalation - Lass uns Feinde bleiben
Silver Walks - In Consequence
Skinny Puppy - Glass Houses
Silent Flag - Enter The Batcave
Ploho - Plattenbauten
Proshay - List'ya
ABU NEIN - I Am Emptiness
Social Union - Fall Into Me
Delta Komplex - Metronome
Depeche Mode - See You
Rational Youth - Saturdays in Silesia
Conscience - Imagine
Haunter - Dance Gothica
CREMATORY - Break Down The Walls
The Birthday Massacre - Like Fear, Like Love
Atrocity - Cold Black Days
Skold - Don't Pray For Me
Soulbound - Alive
Editors - Karma Climb
Blackcarburning - All About You (John Fryer Single Mix)
Analogsympathisant - Monument (Depeche Mode Cover)
ETH - What you think you know
My Love Kills - The Dark Throne
Centhron - Ajna Chakra
Damage Control - Hate Crime
Adan+Ilse - Lost Overdrive (Simi Nah vs Kgb Remix)
Dina Summer - Who Am I
Isolationsgemeinschaft - Leere
Cold Choir - Glass Houses (Skinny Puppy Cover)
ISOTROPíA - Personality Disorder
Unusual Architecture - Slowly Dies
Movie Camera - Nothing To Say
Days of Sorrow - Firestar
DARK - Skeleton Dance
Who saw her die? - For The Kill
Silent Runners - Nothing Stays the Same
Former Lives - Alderson Loop