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Sex Park - Rose Absolutenetti 390x280
ÆON RINGS - Pale Blue
Mari Kattman - Trust
Twin Rattler - Vantablack
Sacred Skin - Circles
Godex - And the Raven cries
Hell Boulevard - Satan in Wonderland (Hörerwunsch)
Invision Band - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
WISBORG - Vampyre (Hörerwunsch)
LOST AREA - When the Darkness Falls
Unzucht - Nein (De Clercq Remix)
Eisfabrik - Opposites Collide ( Schattenmann Remix)
SKREN - Staub (Adsol Remix)
De'LectriX - Vampir feat. Any Second
tba - Love vs. Hate ( Beyond Border Remix)
Das Kelzer - Nach dem Schmerz
BLACKBOOK - Emergency Love
ARGH - Night in the City
Cronos Titan - Crash the Scriptures (Leipzig Edit)
Leaether Strip vs. Nature of Wires - Destroyed by Madness
CYGNOSIC - Children of the Light
Tobias Bernstrup "Official" - 27 (Turbo Knight Remix)
Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel
Mind:state - Close your Eyes ( Culture Kultür Remix)
Kartagon - The Hunter ( NamNamBulu Remix)
Avarice In Audio - Lolita Express
EISBRECHER OFFICIAL - Ohne Dich (Hörerwunsch)
THIRD REALM - Disaster
Paragon Cause - I'm not here
Skelesys - Epsilon
Paradox Obscur - Wild Silk
JE T'AIME - Kiss the Boys (and make them die) feat.Alex Svenson from Then Comes Silence
Vanseveren - Eternal Night (Awe Remix)
Depraved Priest - Break the Chains
ME THE TIGER - Ambulance Disco Light
SURE. - In Control
Ego Bliss - Victims of Decent ( Electrovot Remix)
Elektrostaub feat. René Anke - Save me
GINGER SNAP5 - Waiting for ( Pride and Fall Remix)
The Number H - Nothing
SynthAttack vs. TOAL - Magic (Special Edit)
Seelennacht - S.O.S.
GRENDEL - Fall like Rome
ZyniC - My Personal Kryptonite (Mesh Remix)
Substaat feat. Psykosister - Captivate
Red Mecca - The Longest Hour