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Amnistia (Official) - Truth/Hurts/Liestormi 390x280
Beating Signal - Press to play
Atomsömn - Obsession/Progression
Sonar 4 - Like a Drug
Munich Syndrome - Lost in a Dream (Radio Edit)
Lolita KompleX - Cosplay me
Darkhaus [official] - Grace Divine
MAERZFELD - Einer wie alle
Auger - Smother
Nino De Angelo - Gesegnet und verflucht
The 69 Eyes - Feel Berlin
The Sweet Kill - Satellite
Hämatom - SOS feat. Vivjan
Dawn of Destiny - Little Flower
PsycHolies - Take me back feat. Lord Of The Lost
Avarice In Audio - The Language of Violence
TourdeForce - Falling in the Dark
Clockwork Echo - Death Rebirth Repeat
Echōdead - Komm her
T-Error Machinez - Sins of Eden
Croona - Sanctum
Girls Under Glass - Endless Nights
Crystal Gates - My Glorious Fall
LA MUERTE - Headhunter ( Front 242 Cover)
Kevorkian Death Cycle - Send me the Machine
Alestorm - Cannonball
Unherz - Löwenherz feat. Jean Bormann
Dark Princess - Phoenix
Erdling - Frei wie der Wind (Hörerwunsch)
avoid-a-void - Letter to the ones behind
Dark Side Eons - Infinity Equals Zero
Lifelong Corporation - Circus (Vocal Mix)
All The Ashes - Kontrollverlust ( MissSuicide Remix)
Midian Dite Oficial - My Little Pervers Doll
Wolfchild - My Biggest Enemy
Arvsynd - Flugornas herre
Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 - Xenotheological Exodeity
Miseria Ultima - Caressing the Pale
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