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Giveth - Alien Brainmuetze 390x280
White Lies - I Don't Want To Go To Mars
Naked Lunch - Alone
Obsolet - Zwielicht
Van Bloomen - Creepy Guy
Transmission - Pulsars
Rina Pavar - Vivid night
Josie Pace - Storm and Stress
OUL - With a Fire
Auger - Angel Dressed In Snow
This Eternal Decay feat. HAPAX - She Walks Away
The Gathering - Empires
Crimson Brulee - I Came Back to You (Radio Mix)
ME THE TIGER - As We Really Are
All The Ashes - Stahl bricht Stein
SKREN - Staub
Terminal - Crackdown
Darkness on Demand - Behind the Wheel
Dark State - Shut It Off
tenek- Blinded by You
O+HER - Brave Bodies Burn
CrackDown - Move On
Esoterik - Phosphorus
AEX - Erebus Arise
Tamsusis sindromas - Vienuma
Pink Turns Blue - I'll Never Give Up
The Escape - I wonder why
Mercury Circle feat. Oceans of Slumber - Like Matches
Roth - Kopf ab
Bellhead - Nothing As It Seems (Stabbing Westward Remix) (Hörerwunsch)
Letzte Instanz - Retter der Träume
Kontrast - Nachtclub der Monotonie (Hörerwunsch)
Funker Vogt - Stranger
ARMAGEDDON DILDOS - Ohne Dich (with or without mix by Aiboforcen)
Faderhead - Too Dead For Life
Fractal Age - The beauty of truth
BAK XIII - Everybody Dies
Code 64 - Soundwave