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The Prodigy - Invaders must dielighty 390x280
Auger - Angel dressed in Snow
Binary Division - Dark World ( X-FUSION Remix)
Combichrist - Compliance
Rave The Reqviem - Holy Homicide
Diorama - Synthesize me (Hörerwunsch)
Silent Runners - My Truth
Schwarzschild - In meinem Blut (Hörerwunsch)
Ruined Conflict - Believe
TOAL - Unreal World
Exfeind - Nachthimmel
Extize - Pinheadbanger (Hellraiser)
Faderhead - Where/Far
Faderhead - You can't sit with us
spankthenun - Dominate ( feat. BLUE ANT)
HARPYIE - Liebe auf den ersten Biss
Heldmaschine - Lockdown (Hörerwunsch)
LacrimosaOfficial - Stolzes Herz
Schwarzer Engel - Endzeit
VNV Nation - Chrome
Morphose,Viktorija Kukule - Our Confusion
Lord Of The Lost, Simon Moskon - Into thr Dawn
Mental Discipline - Follow your Star (feat. Ashbury Heights)
Subway to Sally - Für immer
Not My God - Sowing Discord
Placebo - Try better next Time
Weird Wolves - Dancing in Hell
Pure Obsessions & Red Nights - Fly above the City Lights
Rotersand - Merging Oceans ( Neuroticfish Remix)
RROYCE - Thank you, I'm Scared
Manntra - No Time to Die
Schandmaul, dArtagnan - An der Tafelrunde
Stahlmann - Sünder
This Eternal Decay - No Apologies
Echo Image - Mono no Aware
FrozenPlasma - Tanz die Revolution
Feuerschwanz - Blinding Lights