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Stephan Romhart - Garb of Silencestormi 390x280
TENSION CONTROL - Here we go, enjoy the Show
Dual Analog - 100 Disciples
Fort Nimmermehr - Isolate
Skold - Don't pray for me
Cold Connection - Strange Kind of Paradise (Kim Lunner Remix)
Vvmpyre - Your Last Kiss (feat. Maverick)
Solitary Experiments - Every now and then
Ashbury Heights - A Cut in a Place (feat. Madil Hardis)
felix marc - Touch
Unsoulicited - This Raindrop
Ego Bliss - Suicidal
Watch Clark - Pretty Pictures ( Stabbing Westward Remix)
Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys - Purple Zone
Machine Made Pleasure - A Pointless Game
My Love Kills - La Crépuscule du dieu
Nebelhaus - Wir lieben die Stürme
Fused - Nightlife
MONO INC. - Love Lies (Hörerwunsch)
Schandmaul - Königsgarde (feat. Saltatio Mortis, Feuerschwanz)
Elli Berlin - Mutterherz
Motel Transylvania - Generation Lost
MENSCHDEFEKT - Secular Days (feat J:dead)
Battle Scream - Deep Place
DI*ove - E.B.M. (feat. Nina) (Old Brew Mix)
suicide commando - Bang Bang Bang
for all the emptiness - Penance (Dance Mix by Interface
Christian F. - Missverstanden
The Dark Tenor - Ultraviolet Hearts
G.H.T - Salvation (feat. Sigvard Järrebring)
SynthAttack - Circle of Pain
SoftWave - Supernova
Sündenrausch - Necromancy ( Faderhead Remix)
Neontenic - Set me Free (feat. Lisa Kant)
Extize - Furious Max
Cut Brain - Revamped