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TRAITRS - Oh, Ballerinamuetze 390x280
Palais Ideal - The Programme
The Ghost of Bela Lugosi - They only come out at Nights
Noromakina - Nada
The Ending Nights - A Landscape to Die
DaGeist - The Doll
COLD CAVE - Happy Birthday Dark Star
Interface - Wasted Time
Mildreda - Blame it on the Moon
Combichrist - Compliance
unitcode:machine - Falling Down
f.o.d. - Blasser Schein
auto-auto - Shadowlands
Venus in Disgrace - Watching Down the Spiral
God's Own Medicine - The Seventh Wonder
Loverdose - For you
Reach - The Law
THE LUST - Zusammen Allein (SCHÖNGEIST Cover)
Dividing Lines - Tell me a Story
The 69 Eyes - Lady Darkness
Mercury Circle - Black Mirrors
zeromancer - Testimonial
Creux Lies - Misunderstanding
Pink Turns Blue - Not Even Trying
SJÖBLOM - A Thousand Words
noblesavageband - Take a Walk with Fate
Male Tears - Hit me
Panic Lift - Tribute ( GRENDEL Remix)
Diorama - Polaroids
Zoodrake - Success of the Snake
Beyond Border - Urban Hymn
BlueForge - I Disappear
The Sere - The Warning
VALHALL - Inside of me
Deathsomnia - Akinesia ( She Past Away Remix)
SPECTRES - Tell me
Nation of Language - On Division St