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netti 390x280Anti:Ager - Chrysalis
Plague Garden - Requiem of Souls
European Ghost - Black Planet
Cenizas - Some Cats are blue
Sculpture Club - Chains and Faith
Then Comes Silence - Body Electric
Caput Medusae - Deus Ex Machina
The Ghost of Bela Lugosi - Berlin (Hörerwunsch)
Frische Farbe - Oh oh ... Boys
Videotraum - Tränen
Elektrostaub - Wake up (feat. Henrik Iversen Culture Kultür Awaken Remix) (Hörerwunsch)
Kontrast - Ostseekind (Hörerwunsch)
Advance - The One
Level 2.0 - Elusive
LEATHERS - Dangerous
De'LectriX - Angst in mir
In Good Faith - It's tearingme apart ( Schwarzbund Remix)
Excubitors - I don't care
Fall Shock - Synthetica ( Black Asteroid Remix)
Reaktor - Das Gespenst
Slashgore - Welcome to the End of the World
Oberer Totpunkt - Dia de los Muertos
Fluid Ghost - My best Nightmare
Loverdose - Dance with me
GLOOM - Hollow
Stalingrad Valkyrie - Heiliger Regen
IMJUDAS - Ritual (Reichsfeind Remix)
Krotkaya - The Prayer
Neonsol - Another Day ( Rotersand Rework)
NINA - My Mistake
Plastique Noir - Asleep in the Night Train
Poison the Vicar - Vision ( Qual Remix)
Starcontrol - First Love is Dead
tíklá - Post Mortem
the rip - It doesn't Matter
Velvet Kills - Blood Money
The Stompcrash - Follow you
TRENCH RUN - A Message for my Love
Zarkoff - Someone Somewhere in Summertime