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muetze 390x280HALLOWS - All that is true Dies
Kat Von D - Exorcism
Riki - Earth Song
VLURE - Shattered Faith
Vandal Moon - Wicked World
Noprism - Pantherbeat
Mental Discipline - God & Devil
Imperative Reaction - When here is Somewhere Else
Tulipe Noire - Never let go
Velvet Kills - Noise (Chris Shape Remix)
THIRD REALM - Black & White Television
Radikal Kuss - Der Mensch ist tot (Hörerwunsch)
ENiB - No Way Out
ENiB - Lost
SEVIT - Bleed
HAPAX - Exile
Hallowed Hearts - Supernova
The Cure - Disintegration (Hörerwunsch)
Ground Nero - In the Blood
Then Comes Silence - When you're Gone
The Birthday Massacre - One Promise
Octolab - Aim for his Head
Death Signals - Humanimal
rebirth - Teufel in mir
Faderhead - Fistful of Fuck You (Hörerwunsch)
Blutengel - The Victory of Light
Syntec feat. Blind Passenger - Catch my Fall
Sacred Skin - Colder
Black Heaven - Licht bricht Dunkelheit (Hörerwunsch)
DARK - Lovers in the Dark
Stendal Blast & Veljanov - Nur ein Tag
Lost Messages - Our Time will come again
CHVRCHES feat. Robert Smith - How Not To Drown (Hörerwunsch)
Kite - Hand out the Drugs