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netti 390x280Etage Neun - Cry out in the Rain
Hidden Souls - ARG - Seperate Ways (Alternative Version)
In My Despair - Set the Fire
THE PRESENT MOMENT - New Day (In Another Dimension)
BESTIAL MOUTHS - Lain to Rust ( Buzz Kull Remix)
Krotkaya - I Tutned Away
Model Kaos - Liar's
Antiflvx - Hilos
Nino Sable - Artist - Driven by the Night
Deep Down Wise - Howling
SJÖBLOM - Tape ( Antipole vs Acid Fader Remix)
LEDING - Soul Whisperings
Blind Passenger - Born to Die (Hörerwunsch)
CHVRCHES feat. Robert Smith - How not to Drown (Hörerwunsch)
Night Haze - The Light (Hörerwunsch)
The Coventry - Urban Failure ( Broken Nails Remix)
Dusk to Dawn - Traces
Ember Twin - Don't be yourself
Inadream - No Song for Lovers (Nature of Wires Remix)
Error Enter Exit - So kann ich kein Engel werden
Kaizer - Leitwerk
Inner Core - Blame
Vlad In Tears - We Die Together
zeromancer - Clone your Lover (Hörerwunsch)
New Haunts - Blame
Robotiko Rejekto - High Fidelity
Mental Exile - Renegades ( N-Frequency Remix)
MOYOM - A Better World ( Lilith My Mother Remix)
Nik Page - Neverland (Staubkind Rockversion)
Nox Novacula - Last Will and Testament
Mirreya - Angel of Venegance ( Midnight Resistance Remix)
reADJUST - Jekyll and Hyde (Remix by Wort-Ton)
Sonsombre - Burn in Heaven
The Awakening - Descent (Chrome Mix)
Last Activity - The Limits of Illusion
Traumtaenzer - Romanze zur Nacht ( Traumtaenzer Gewand)
Ultranoire - Nothing to Live for