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netti 390x280Velvet Velour - Join the Ride
Deep Down Wise - Come Alive
Astari Nite - Disease of the Divine
Balvanera - Gleams
S Y Z Y G Y X - La Mort
Comfort Cure - Snake Alley
DROVES - Cannibals
Social Station - Ready to Rewind
Genetic Variation - You walk away
Electric Shock Can Kill - Fear in your Eyes
Deadjump - Pulse (Radio Edit)
FlammPunkt - Fear
BlakLight - Isolation ( Nature of Wires Remix)
Projekt Ich - Society Class feat. Stocksnskins (Nature of Wires Remix)
mesh - When the City Breathes
In Good Faith - Rising
Gunmaker - Wherever you go ( Technomancer feat. Angstpop Mix)
Milliken Chamber - Death will Come
Kurs - Two Worlds After
Tearful Moon - The lost King
JE T'AIME - Satan's Bitch
L'An2000 - Nonsense
Satellite Sorder - Red Machine
Rammstein - Engel (Hörerwunsch)
SORROWNIGHT - Autumn Melodies (Hörerwunsch)
E:lectmusic - State of me
Meat Injection - The Fools Dance
Mental Discipline - Place where I Belong
Ruined Conflict - Cast in Stone
Sound Warriors - Stand up
Die Krupps - Im Schatten der Ringe (Hörerwunsch)
Front Line Assembly feat. Jimmy Urine - Rock Me Amadeus (Hörerwunsch)
Systemshock - Right Now
TC75 - Dating a Dead Man (Mildreda Mix)
Thermostatic - Far away
Tenderlash - Mourningat Modnight (PreCog Remix)
Adam is a Girl - Insomnia (Hörerwunsch)
Narwhal Tusk - All my Life (I've been waiting) (Hörerwunsch)