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lighty 390x280Disturbed - Are you ready
Foghorn Lonesome - Flamingo
SynthAttack - We are SynthAttack
Ruined Conflict - Cries of the Fallen
Ashbury Heights feat. Madil Hardis - Wild Eyes
Blackbriar - I'd Rather Burn
Auger - Sound of the Machine
Blind Channel - Balboa
Emigrate - Freeze my Mind
ASP - Kokon
MASSIVE EGO - Let Go (Hörerwunsch)
CYGNOSIC - This is the Night
Erdling - Rabenherz
Versengold - Was kostet die Welt
Equilibrium - Revolution
Then Comes Silence - Warm Like Blood (Hörerwunsch)
Finkseye - Deadweight
Girls Under Glass - Grey in Grey (Hörerwunsch)
Mental Discipline - Over Horizon
Unzucht - Kleine geile Nonne (Hörerwunsch)
Fury Weekend - Illumination feat. The Anix (Nutronic Remix)
SOMAN - New World
Saltatio Mortis - Geboren um frei zu sein
We Are The Catalyst - Set the World on Fire
Necessary Response - Spilling Blood
Love + Revenge, Rotersand, Girls Under Glass, THE FAIR SEX, The Cassandra Complex, Stigmata - With Love you see
MONO INC. - When the Raven dies tonight
The Birthday Massacre - Sleepwalking (Hörerwunsch)
Solar Fake - A Bullet left for you
Lindemann - Frau & Mann
Neuroticfish - Fluchtreflex
Pure Obsessions & Red Nights - Your own enemy ( Processor Remix)
NITE - Lost Souls ( mesh Remix)
Raygun Romance feat. SYSTEM SYN - Sea of Stars
IAMX - Kiss and Swallow
VNV Nation - A Million
Stahlmann - Krähen der Nacht
The Anix - Don't let the Outside Win
VANGUARDfb - Inside
WINGTIPS - The Eye that follows Suit
X-RL7 feat. Blue Stahli - The Show
Mono Inc. - An klaren Tagen