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Extizestormi 390x280 - Industrial Kombat
State of the Union - Bad Flower
Essence Of Mind - Wrong (Technomancer Remix)
Toothpinch & Cyberlich - Swift Dark Wings
Metallspürhunde - Flüchtig
NORMORIA - The Cost Of Freedom
Stoneman - Liebe Liebe
EISBRECHER OFFICIAL - Verrückt (Hörerwunsch)
Ruined Conflict - Horizon (Toxic Alliance Remix)
Fictional - Blue Lights
Fairlight Children - 800 Bit ( Zone Tripper Remix)
Blue Ant - Living on Video ( Trans-X Cover)
Latexx Teens - Temple of Love (feat. Chris Harms)
clan of xymox - A Forest (The Cure) (Hörerwunsch)
Platronic - Pride
X-Marks The Pedwalk - Voodoo Love
Canterra - Heartmachine
Hell Boulevard - Satan in Wonderland
Manntra - Dance
Turisas - Rasputin
MASSIVE EGO - Drag me in Darg me under
Broken Ego - Get away ( Ancient Step Remix)
Distatix - Disappear
Monospore - I’m your God
ES23 - When I’m Gone
Schlagwetter - Tanzt
Unzucht - Jenseits der Welt
Circuito Cerrado - Noize in the Sky
Synapsyche - Who the fuck are you now
Neuroticfish - Waving Hands (Remastered)
Lakobeil - That’s all (Paralyzed Remix by Rico Hüllermeier)
Mechanical Cabaret - I lost my Friend to a Video Game
reactor7x - The Cycleof Life
SynthAttack - Harsh will never die (reactor7x Remix)
RROYCE - My Dearest Enemy