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Menschliche Energie - Beckon the beast
The Midnight Computers & Venin Carmin - I can't Escape myself (Hörerwunsch)
Kirlian Camera (official) feat.Eskil Simonsson - Sky Collapse (Hörerwunsch)
Eisfabrik - Love Planet 69
Klonavenus - Dies Irae
Distorted Memory - In the Heart of your Fire (Hörerwunsch)
AGONOIZE - Death by Stereo
God Module - Hindsight (Reichsfeind Remix)
Amduscia Official - Dead or Alive
Apoptygma Berzerk - Unicorn (T.Schmidt und A.Deal Tanzmix)
Schwarzwald - Smell of Pain (Smell of Insane Remix by diagnosis autopsychosis)
Colony 5 (Official) - Black (Club Edit)
BlakOPz - Before the Rust
Reaktor - Shadow of the soul
TraKKtor - The Surge
MASSIVE EGO feat. Auger - Point of no Return
Blutengel - Addicted
spektralized - Learn and Teach
Croona - Sanctum (Club Version)
Mondträume - Free ( Kant Kino Disco Remix)
Bruderschaft - Forever (feat. VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant (OFFICIAL), Icon of Coil Official)
Covenant (OFFICIAL) - Prime Movers (Club Version)
THIRD REALM - Cyperpunk
Dunkelwerk - Bissige Kröte
Ganglion - Du willst den Schmerz (EBM Mix)
Bettelprinz - Du gehörst mir... (feat. Blackbull Club Mix)
Die Robo Sapiens - Teufelskreis (Sebastian Komor Remix)
Solar Fake - This pretty life (extended Version)
Rotersand - Whatever (Extended Club Version)
Culture Kultür - No Dogma
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)
INTENT:OUTTAKE - Scars of Time
Solitary Experimets - The Struggle (Midnight Resistance Remix) (Hörerwunsch)
Official Assemblage 23 - Welcome Apocalypse
VNV Nation - Streamline
God Module - Devil's Night
Uncreated - Leaving Now (feat. Robert Enforsen) (Core Version)
Channel-East - Feel Heaven feel free
FrozenPlasma - Earthling (The aqualite Remix)
Empathy Test - Love Moves