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Cold in Maynetti 390x280 - Don’t go away
CattaC - Route to another Night
The Frixion - I cannot play these Games (Warboy Remix)
Panic Lift - Temptress (Encephalon Remix)
Kill Minus Nine - Stress Disorder
MONO INC. - Ghostriders in the Sky
Dark Insights - Heimweh
The Arch - Joan’s in Prison
Black Angel - Animal
Alpha Point - Try to Forget
Ash Code - Down in the Park
Reptyle - Heroes of the working Dead
Deathcamp Project -Dead Hours
Kromak feat. Ruined Conflict - Sister of Night
Alien Vampires - Rave to the Grave (Hörerwunsch)
Dioxyde - Primary Structures (Hörerwunsch)
:Wumpscut: - You are a Goth (Hörerwunsch)
Sturmreaktor - Fallout
JanRevolution - Chasing through the Night
AnnA Lux & Faderhead - Sanctuary
Provision - Decypher
Mondträume - All you cannot see (Octalab Remix)
64 Rockets - I’m not Dreaming of you
13th Angel - Fallen Angel
ALIENARE -# Neon (Hörerwunsch)
Sturm Café - Scheiss normal (Hörerwunsch)
THIRD REALM - Twin Flames
Ruined Conflict - Feuer (Techno Remix)
Flesh Field - The Collapse
Delithium - Going to War
Superikone - Tränen (Bodypop Mix 2017)
[:SITD:] (Official) feat. Dennis Schober - Puls Schlag (Club Version) (Hörerwunsch)
Peter Heppner - Letter from Africa
Joachim Witt - Dein Lied
Solitary Experiments - Brace yourself (Freunde der Technik Remix)
nolongerhuman - Dead Empire
Sinessence - Sadist II
Tyler Milchmann - Abendland