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stormi 390x280Dive - Black Star
Obscure - Inside
She Hates Emotions - Don't leave me
First Aid 4 Souls - Das Messer (feat. Emke - Black Nail Cabaret )
AD:keY offical - Herz lass los
SOMAN - Neurologist
She Past Away - Ritüel (Hörerwunsch)
Ego Bliss - Victims of Deceit
Massiv in Mensch feat. Rana Arborea - Gestrandet
Acylum - Sieg oder Walhalla ( Wolfchild Remix)
MONO INC. - Just because I love you (Black Version)
Modulo One - Redemtion
Technomancer - I want you
Reaktor - Halber Mensch (2019 Version)
Absurd Minds - One World
Ultimated - I need your Love
Projekt Ich - Honey Cherie Honey (Monotronic Remix)
Held Der Arbeit - Männer des Eisens
Sea of Sin - Immaculate ( Rob Dust Remix)
marsheaux - Exit (the wrong Way)
CYFERDYNE - Breathe Deeper
Solar Fake - I Despise you
clan of xymox - Imagination (Hörerwunsch)
Mr.Kitty - Hurt
Platronic - Dreams
11grams - Infestation-C ( Red This Ever Remix)
Sturm Café - Discolied (First Edit)
Beyond Obsession - Speaking of a Devil ( Ruined Conflict Remix)
MASSIVE EGO - Digital Heroin
Danielhallmusic - The Watchman
Waiting For Words - Cause I do believe
Mondträume - Lovers Sinners & Liars
Distorted World - Personal Necropolis ( Nórdika Remix)
Etage Neun - Broken Shadows
Midnight Resistance - Recall these Days
Ost+Front - Heavy Metal
Megaherz Offiziell - Für immer
Red Flag - Once past twice Future (Instigator Italy)