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Berlin Taxinetti 390x280 - Everybody Changes
Kælan Mikla - Draumadis
Atomic Neon - Romy’s Dead
Werner Karloff - TV News (Single)
Black Plastic - Deutsch
Blind Delon - Edouard (Imperial Black Unit Remix)
Velvetic - Young and Dead
Vandal Moon Robot Lover (FM Attack Remix)
Born For Bliss - Underground
Your life on hold - Dead Tree (Merciless Radio Edit)
DE/VISION - A Demon’s Hand, Buddha’s Heart
INTENT:OUTTAKE feat. Chris L. - From Wolves and Rats (Hörerwunsch)
In Good Faith - Contradiction
N-Frequency - Perfect World ( Rob Dust Remix)
Deadlock 5 - Lust
A Slice Of Life - We Fight
Vermillion Fields - Rain
Delta Enigma - Waterfall
GLOOM - Feel the Pain
dynamic syndicate - Sorry About
Stahlmann - Sinnlich (Hörerwunsch)
DoppelgangeR - Redemption Day
M. W. Wild - Fly with Angels
ABU NEIN - I Will Rise
Drab Majesty - Ellipsis
Echoberyl - A Prey
Fornicata - Bully
Raskolnikov - Hunde sind an der Leine zu führen (Dario Amaroso Instant Lake Remix)
TraKKtor - Veil of Thorns
Broken Ego - Getting Higher
Cryo - Smile Forever
Elektrostaub feat Ruined Conflict - Funeral of Love
Solar Fake - Under Control (Hörerwunsch)
EISBRECHER OFFICIAL - Sturmfahrt (Hörerwunsch)
Patenbrigade: Wolff - Stalinallee (Jugendclubmix)
Project Pitchfork Official - Existence (VNV Nation Remix)
VNV Nation - Immersed
The Dark Unspoken - Wild Life
Pete Crane - You are not your Body ( Tragic Impulse Remix)
SOVIET SOVIET - Change with the Sun (Remix by The KVB)
StykFaktor - Distance (Single)
True Faith - Again
Mills - Neon