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The Art Intel - In the Theatremuetze 390x280
Dark Chisme (Gold Chisme) - Cold
Mist3rfly feat. Fictional Girl - Dark Life
LorD and Master - This England
Alqa - Sed De Venganza
Blitzfeuer - Wunderland
R010R - Night Was Red
Sacrothorn - Demons and Angels
Say Just Words - Silencio en dolor
Gulf Blvd - Chemical Burns
Hoc Eritis - Does the Past still exist
Kirlian Camera - Götter, geht weg
TR/ST - Robrash
CZARINA feat. Extize - Candy Warrior
Christian F. - Wo hat sich dein Herz versteckt
Tritoxin - Marionettenmensch (Clubmix)
Michael Matters - Leute von heute
Toxic Industry - Ich Will Rache
Girls Under Glass - Satin Gardens
Lila Ehjä - Ghost love
Anja Huwe (Xmal Deutschland) - Rabenschwarz
The Doctors - Unterwelt
Elektrikill - Down
Shift - Electrofixx
Shadow System - Smile before the Bullets
KMFDM - Let go
Gothminister - We Come Alive
Leaves' Eyes - Realm of Dark Waves
Vlad In Tears - Hear Me Out
tAKiDA - Third Strike
Funhouse - Blue Light
SEVIT - Jet Black Sommer
Diamond Dog - Blue Roses
Livinroom feat. Blind Dreams - Hold the Light
Alien Skin - I Love in Mono
Perturbator feat. Kabbel - Dangerous
Fonohead feat. ELECTRO PLANET - But Not Tonight
District 13 - Turn Back Time
JH-X9 - Digital Toxin
Beyond Border - Claustrophobia
Massiv in Mensch - Lonesome Lighthouse
Kim Lunner - Love is what we find
Absurd Minds - Built on Sand
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